desperate times, creative measures

introducing tiny pricks project UK

Meanwhile, in the UK, Brexit … and Boris Johnson. British friends of Tiny Pricks Project have suggested that Boris and Brexit are worthy of their own chapter of the Project, and we couldn’t agree more! So, without further ado, we announce the launch of Tiny Pricks Project UK!

check out @tinypricksproject or @tinypricksprojectuk for inspiration

guidelines for participation

TPP UK will work just like TPP! Please see the “Participate” page for details, but briefly…
  1. PICK A QUOTE : Boris Johnson is something of a wordsmith, but we encourage you to follow your inspiration.
  2. PICK YOUR TEXTILE : — Insert something witty here about the surfeit of suitable textiles available in the UK–
  3. LAY IT OUT : We use water-soluble fabric markers, but tracing works too.
  4. PICK YOUR THREAD : Basic cotton thread will suffice. 2-4 of the thread’s 6 strands may suffice. If you’re feeling adventurous, try blending colours!
  5. GET STARTED : Sometimes the hardest part! Please let us know if we can help.
  6. SUBMIT : As with TPP, you are encouraged to post and share your piece as you make it. Please tag your posts #tinypricksuk and @tinypricksprojectuk, as well as #tinypricks, @tinypricksproject and @dianaweymar so that I can repost it.
Your piece becomes part of the collection when I receive it. Please mail to:
Diana Weymar
Tiny Pricks Project
1318 Transit Road
Victoria, BC
V8S 5A3
NB – Please declare a value of $1 for a “vintage textile” so that we are not charged customs upon receipt.