Thank you so much for your interest in the Tiny Pricks Project!

If you see a piece on IG that interests you, please let us know. If the actual piece on IG is available for purchase, I will let you know the price. If the piece is part of the permanent collection, you may commission a “duplicate.”

To commission your own piece(s):

  1. Email us a quote or quotes you’re interested in.
  2. I will “mock up” pieces and email you the photos.
  3. We will work out the details of your piece together, and ship you the pieces once payment is received.

Some information to get our conversation started:

  • Quote(s) you’re interested in
  • Preferences, if any
    • Size
    • Textile
    • Colors
  • Timing: Please let us know if this for a special occasion


Generally, my prices include basic shipping. If you would like tracking, express shipping, or special handling, that would add a bit to the price.


We accept payment in USD or CAD via check or electronic transfer.
    • In Canada : INTERAC e-Transfer to
    • In USA : PayPal to, or Venmo to @DianaWeymarStudio

(if you’re comfortable doing so, please mark PayPal transfers as personal transfers rather than a payment for goods and services)

Before mailing us a check, please confirm the best address