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How far we’ve come …

Many people from around the world have signed up “remotely” and are sending pieces in the mail. Others have hosted workshops in their homes and donated family textiles.Workshops have been held in Victoria BC, Princeton NJ, NYC, Brooklyn NY, Nantucket MA, San Francisco, the University of Ulster in Belfast (at Build Peace 2018), and at The Wing NYC & SFThe Tiny Pricks Project is grateful for the support of the following institutions: The Mule Gallery, North Beach, San Francisco hosted the first exhibition of Tiny Pricks Project April 5-21, 2019 with 100s of visitorsBigly thanks to @subversivecrossstitch, @badasscrossstitch, @wendymac — and many others who may prefer to remain nameless!
These comments on Stubborn Love, Tiny Pricks No. 45, thread, resist, march, 2018 from two amazing artists, Amy Meissner and Robert Chaplin, offer some insight into the project and the ways in which it resonates for many addressing this presidency through art.

I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

Tiny Pricks #45

@Amymeissnerartist : The fact that this work has two meanings lends it the deep complexity, humor and horror it wields. Yes, restating these quotes could be seen as supportive, just as his words/actions can be deemed “patriotic.” Your titles are working as hard as your needle. Don’t stop. I know it takes a long time to sit with these words when you reiterate them in thread—people don’t understand this vital piece either. This is a lot of energy for an artist to take on…who else is out there sitting with this man’s language for hours at a time? Very few would even consider the task.

@Robertchaplin : It’s straight up art, therefore politically neutral. The only thing more loathsome than a politician is a politician’s fan boy. As your conceptualism is rooted in traditions of feminine handicraft, it exposes a feminist position. This automatically places you in opposition to Trump. Further, Trump’s place in history, his exercise of office, will always be contrasted with his twitter feed. You are ensuring this stupidity enters the material record, providing the opportunity for this man’s words to guarantee his legacy, POTUS/Twit.